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Add Style And Value To Your Home With Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters Of the many types of window coverings available, nothing feels quite as stylish, traditional and down right chic as plantation shutters.  Wooden blinds at the window add character, and often value, to your […]

Find Your Perfect Fit With Made To Measure Curtains

Whatever the size of your windows, or the style of your house, the perfect made to measure curtains are out there just waiting to be found.  From glamorous, sweeping full length sashes to retro chic […]

Get Ahead With Interior Design Trends For 2018

Top trends move fast around here.  This not only applies to the clothes on your back, but also the colour on your walls and the cushions on your sofa.  As a special treat for you, […]

Beautiful Blinds To Suit Every Room

If you are considering using blinds to cover your windows, you will probably already by familiar with some of the more common types of kitchen and bathroom blinds found throughout the UK.  But, if you […]

Add A Touch Of Elegance With Plantation Shutters

Wooden plantation shutters make a stunning design feature for your windows, and are a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to add style and elegance to their homes.  Whether you are choosing a new look for […]

Choosing Blinds for a Child’s Bedroom or Playroom

Although choosing a stylish and beautiful home décor is essential for the majority of people, when the time comes to decorate a child’s playroom or bedroom, practicality is another consideration which must be borne in […]

Combating Workplace Stress Begins At Home

With the news that half a million people every year suffer from work-related stress, it has also become clear that the best place to begin combating the problem is not in the workplace at all, […]

How To Choose Curtains For A Conservatory

A conservatory is a wonderful investment for your home, and will certainly add value to your property while adding an extra useful living space which you can use for children to play in, as a […]