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5 Accessories that Make Your Space Your Own

Making your home your own is important. After all, it is the place where you relax after a long day in the office and it is the place where you entertain or spend time with the family. However you use your home, you need to make it feel like it is yours by injecting subtle accessories that bring the design of your home and rooms together.


Bring in some colour with plants


Plants are really in fashion at the moment in the home and they are a great way of filling an empty space with colour and something that catches the eye. They are inexpensive and they give your space that loved feeling because the organic shape can help to soften hard lines, especially in rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen.


Add some books


Whether you are an avid reader or not,  there is no denying that books around the home give a real insight into you personally but they also add style. They can be stacked up on a coffee table or added to shelving to create height. Whatever it might be, they do add that personal touch.


Small art pieces


Some people like to add large pieces of art while others prefer nothing but smaller framed prints can really inject some colour and character to your room while complementing your curtains or your sofa. You can hang them on the wall, stand them on a sideboard or lean them against the wall on a shelf. They will break up space and create touch of sophistication to any room.


Candles are in


Candles are really in fashion right now and when it comes to decorating your home or filling a small space, candles are a great option. They not only look good but with so many scents available, they can bring a room alive. While they look impressive in their many different shapes and sizes during the day, it is in the evening when they really come into your own because once they are lit, they add a certain ambience to a room that cannot be found anywhere else.


Real or not, add some flowers


There is something uplifting about having a bunch of flowers in a room. Of course, fresh is best because of the natural feel they give off as well as the scent but faux flowers can also do the job just as well. They add a subtle touch of colour, they can complement your colour scheme and your design and it is even better if you can get flowers that are in season as they just complement the weather outside. Flowers have the ability to lighten a room and bring the overall design together harmoniously. This includes the colour of your walls to your flooring and even your upholstery. They are simple yet effective and that is why they are a popular choice when it comes to filling space and adding that something extra to your home.