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Retro and Modern – What Happens When They Collide?

Vintage is always in fashion when it comes to the home. However, mixing retro and modern can prove tricky. Therefore, there are a few things that you should think about when bringing together different items from different design eras. So, follow these tips and introduce them to your home seamlessly.

Eclectic Vintage and Contrasting

If you make use of vintage elements that are bold in colour, then they will enrich a minimalistic home. Therefore, when you bring together vintage and modern, you should think about the power of contrasts. So, think about the colours of vintage furnishings choose antique statements that are bold, helping to turn them into a focal point. Of course, you will need to make sure that everything is colour coded but it can work.

Add Boho Chic with Mix ‘n’ match pieces

If you choose to bring together different pieces from different eras then you can create a boho-chic feel to your home. If you like that feeling eclecticism, then you can try to bring several styles together. This can add personality to your home and create a décor that works uniquely.

Make an Antique Statement

It does not matter how engaging an eclectic style is, sometimes it is not what people want. However, this does not mean that you have to settle for a look that is modern with no touches of class. So, choosing a single piece that has a vintage feel to it will add an aesthetic value to your home. You should think about choosing it wisely as you don’t want to make too much of a bold impression. Instead, you should select it with care and pay attention to it how it works with your living space.

Think Differently with Vintage Pieces

If you want to add vintage pieces to your home then you don’t have to follow the rules as such. If you want to be daring then you can, enabling you to find that daring blend of modern and vintage. So, you can have that vintage desk that has a modern chair or lamp, helping to create a dynamic look that adds an element of surprise and intrigue to your home.

Retro and Country

Most vintage pieces are made of solid wood but if you want to add charm to your home and liven it up then you can choose to add pieces that have the country style to it. Choosing the pieces right will allow them to blend seamlessly into your modern décor, especially when they complement pastel colours and timber flooring. If you have wooden floors then you can also dress them using an antique rug as that will add an injection of style and chic to your room.

Bringing antique pieces into a modern home is not a complete no-go. You can add a lot of aesthetic value to your home by doing so and with it will come character and a timeless feel. There are many ways in which it can be done but you just have to make sure that you get it right.