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How to Decorate Around Pastel Coloured Sofas

As far as trends go, sofas have always been the focal point of any living space and the colour that you choose can make or break a room, not to mention they can sometimes be difficult to work around. However, with pastel coloured sofas now being on-trend, how do you decorate around them?


Adding Black and White to Millennial Pink


For some time, millennial pink has been a prominent colour when it comes to interiors with it being seen on walls mainly but now things are changing because this shade of pink is also being seen on upholstery. The colour is sweet in every way but on its own it might be lacking so how do you bring it to life? If you add in black and white colours, including textures such as shaggy rugs and soft cushions then you will enable the subtle colour to be noticed more than it would if it was positioned in a room on its own.


Injecting Emerald Green to Millennial Pink


If you are someone who is brave with colours then adding a dark emerald green to the room will inject a powerful splash of colour and contrast, giving the pink a real vibrant look and feel. In fact, you could even turn to an art-deco themed décor by adding in velvets and a symmetrical look with geometrical shapes. This design will certainly add character to any room


Put some grey with Mellow Yellow


A mellow yellow sofa might seem uninspiring at first but it is a colour that is certainly looking to become part of interior trends this year. Despite it being mellow, any sort of shade of yellow is uplifting and it is the ideal colour that will work with grey. The contrast of grey walls and soft furnishings will ensure that the room is bursting with class and style as the two colours work off each other.


Blue and Mellow Yellow


Blue is a very bold colour to add to yellow and you might even think that considering the idea is slightly absurd but it works. Even though the two colours are opposite sides of the colour wheel, they actually complement each other very well. In fact, they are two colours that are often seen in nature, so why couldn’t they work in the home? Add floral cushions or curtains to create a lively scheme that has a real touch of summer to it. Opt for while walls and you can inject even more colour if you want to.


Avacodo Alongside other Pastel Shades


Avocado is popular in many ways these days and even more so as a powder pastel shade. Its subtle colour is ideal for blending with other pastels as they all complement each other well without any of them being overpowering in anyway. It will create a feeling of serenity and if you add in natural textures such as natural wood or brick or even baskets, you can create a look that inspires a relaxed, laid-back vibe.