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Things to Consider when Choosing Plantation Shutters

If you want to make a bold statement when it comes to interior design, Plantation Shutters are a perfect choice. They instantly transform the look of your home, taking it from something that blends in with every other house on your street to a home that looks extraordinary. However, if you are thinking about installing Plantation Shutters then there are a few things that you will need to consider before making your decision.

Divider Rails, Doors and the all-important style

What you would like your shutter to do will determine the style you choose but the full height shutters are considered to be the most popular style. It delivers a classic look that offers exceptional privacy when needed and they are easy to use. However, if you would like to use one section of the door separate, then a tier-on-tier system will make this possible and that means that you can allow light to flood into the room by using the top or bottom of the shutters.

If you want a similar look, then cafe style will help you achieve this although they are in a more permanent state the height of the shutter is your choice, leaving the rest of the window bare. The aim of this design is to ensure that light constantly enters the top half of the room while you still maintain a level of privacy.


The size of your window will also determine the number of doors that you can have but the location of the window frames will also play a role in how you decide to split the shutter. You can use a divider rail to separate the louvre control in one full height door. This works in a similar way to the tier-on-tier with the only difference being that the louvres are controlled separately.

The colour, tilt rods and louvre size

The louvre size is something that you will also need to consider but with a number of sizes available, you can ensure that you find something that fits your needs. However, what you do need to remember is that their size will dictate how much light enters the rooms when they are tilted open. If you opt for a wider slat then more light will come in and on larger windows, a bigger slat width is often the best choice but they all look beautiful in many of the styles that have already been mentioned.

When it comes to tilting rods, they sit in the middle of each panel and are control bars that can be used to tilt the slats. You can choose to have this on show should you wish or you can opt to have a hidden tilt rod that can be positioned behind the louvres, making it possible for you to control them manually just by moving one of the louvres.

When it comes to colours, this is down to your choice and preference but there are many different shades of white and cream available as well as wooden shades. However, you should ideally go for a colour that will match your décor as they are an investment in your home, so you need to make sure you get them right.