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Black – How It Can Work In Your Home

When it comes to interior design, we are often told that we should avoid dark colours and opt for light, bright and invigorating colours. These colours inject light and plenty of space, making rooms feel inviting, airy and comfortable. However, interior design does often require you to break away from the norm and almost break the rules and this is where you can make black work in your home.

Black is bold

As far as bold colours go, they don’t get any bolder than black, especially when it comes to highlight colours. Black is known to be a moody colour and a colour that can make a statement in a dramatic way. So, as mentioned, we have been told that we should keep black at a minimum but we believe that it should be embraced. This lavish, opulent colour has so much to offer your home and that is why we believe that you should accept it with open arms.

Whether you are looking to paint a feature wall in black or you want to choose black furniture, it is a colour that works with contemporary interiors but also architectural finishes. In a way, black almost feels as though it is a modern colour and that is all down to the fact that it can fit in with whatever style you want to achieve.

Black is known to be a colour of power. You only have to look at fashion to understand and so, there is no reason why black cannot be incorporated into our homes and translated to the interior spaces.

There is no doubt that black is a powerful colour but unbelievably, it can help to create a space that soothes and offers comfort. What’s more, if you have décor pieces, art or furniture, then set them against a dark background and watch them come to life. This is something that designers and stylists have been doing for many years and that is all down to the way in which it creates that dramatic yet inspiring look.

However, what can also help to bring the colour black to life is the fact that metallic finishes, gold, in particular, are on trend. Therefore, the two together can create a beautiful combination where they contrast each other perfectly. In truth, to get the most from dark space, you should use light, whether that is natural or artificial.

If black is applied in the right way, then it can create a dramatic look in any room and that includes bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. Introducing black can inject life and it can invigorate a room in many ways.

So, don’t be afraid of black and look at it in the same way as you would any other colour. This is a colour that deserves more respect and it is a colour that needs to be used more. Finding that dramatic effect and finish to a space in the home is easier than you think. All it takes is a touch of black!

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