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Top Tips for a Cosy Winter Interior

As the dark evenings draw in and the weather gets colder as each day goes by, it’s only natural for your mind to turn towards spending cosy evenings at home in front of the fire. If you need to get your home winter-ready, you might need some expert interior design advice for the season. Here are some top tips for achieving that cosy feel in your living room this winter.


Setting The Right Mood With Lighting

No matter what else you do with your home décor, lighting is key to setting the mood if you’re hoping to achieve a cosy ambience. Luckily, it’s an easy effect to achieve by simply strategically placing a few attractive candles in lanterns or jars around your room. Choose scented candles with a festive aroma and you’ll add even more atmosphere to your space. Instead of using your ceiling lamps, use soft lamps with dimmer switches so that you can enhance the mood, and fairy lights draped over shelving units, mantelpieces or displayed in clear glass bowls or vases will add extra appeal.


Add a Colourful Rug

While hardwood flooring and laminates are all the rage at the moment, they can feel very cold and unwelcoming during the colder months. You can resolve this problem by investing in some warm and colourful rugs which will not only look cosy and comfortable during the winter but will also look great all year round. Beige, cream and greys are all subtle and match any style of décor, or if you want to add some seasonal colour, rust-reds, earthy browns and sage greens all work well at this time of year.


Cushions and Throws

Winter is the perfect time of year for snuggling up on the sofa in the evening to watch a movie or to read a good book. Make the experience even more cosy by adding some chunky knit, chenille or velvet cushions and a fluffy or faux-fur throw to your sofa. Not only can these items give your room a brand new seasonal look, but they can also refresh a tired-looking couch.


Upgrade Your Curtains

While opaque voiles and thin curtains which allow the summer light to filter through look wonderful during the warmer months, they can lead to chilly and unappealing rooms when winter comes around. Resolve the problem by replacing those summer curtains with some thicker winter drapes. By choosing winter curtains in a festive colour such as red, green or gold, you will be able to add an even more seasonal touch. Thermal curtains will ensure your room stays warm and comfortable whilst also maintaining a cosy feel, and as an added bonus, you could also save money on your energy bills!


It isn’t difficult to transform your home for the winter and to get that cosy seasonal appeal that puts you in the right frame of mind for the festive season. By just adding a few extra touches, your home will be winter-ready in no time!