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The Beauty of Autumn Botanical Blinds

Botanical trends have been popular for quite a few years now, and the fashion shows no sign of abating, with floral prints and natural-inspired patterns being chosen by homeowners on a regular basis. Bringing the outdoors indoors has been a theme over the last couple of years, and using a range of materials with floral, tropical and woodland prints in living spaces has become a wonderful way to experiment with texture and style in the home, and to bring an element of escapism into daily life. As the Autumn draws near, there is no more appropriate time to give your home a botanical makeover, and one great place to start is your blinds.


Autumn Patterns for a Seasonal Look

By simply changing the blinds in your living spaces, you can give your home a surprisingly effective brand new look. When paired with neutral wall tones, botanical patterns at your windows can bring the splendour of nature right into your front room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom. Whether you choose a subtle pattern to blend beautifully with your existing décor or something more vibrant to create an attractive focal point, a floral print will make your home look and feel beautiful all year round.


The Woodland Touch

The woodland theme is especially popular with families who are trying to recreate the Scandinavian style. By contrasting the colourful floral blinds with crisp white detailing, it is possible to enjoy either a clean, minimalist look that would look wonderful in any contemporary home, or, alternatively, by furnishing the space with dark wood furniture, it is easy to design a rustic room with a farmhouse feel. Use light coloured paints and natural stone details to complete this look and enjoy a calming and relaxing atmosphere in any room.


Bring the Tropics to Autumn

Bring a fun feel to the darker evenings of Autumn by opting for tropical botanical prints that will add splashes of colour to your home. With a vibrant, floral effect, the bright and exotic hints of colourful blinds will bring the warmth of summer into your space long after the warm days have gone. There is no better or easier way to make a statement in your room, even as the gloomy darkness of winter sets in.


An All-Out Autumnal Feel

Why not exploit the beauty of the Autumn season by harnessing its natural hues and incorporating them into your home décor? Choose botanical blinds in shades of browns, reds and greens and pair with cosy and earthy textiles such as chenille throws, faux fur cushions and deep pile rugs in matches colours. Add ornaments and decorative details in the same tones, together with a couple of deep green natural plants to make the colours pop, and you’ll be able to come home to your own Autumnal paradise throughout the year.


Embrace the Autumn botanical trend and bring the beauty of this time of year into your home. Relax under its calming influence in any room and enjoy the splendour of its earthiness.