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Stay Cool This Summer With Plantation Shutters

Now that the days are getting longer and the weather is heating up, your home might be starting to feel uncomfortably warm. While during the winter we are all glad of our cosy insulation and thick fabrics, when the summer comes around the idea of stifling in your stuffy living room can be less than appealing. Heavy curtains may look beautiful, but they can trap in the heat of the sun’s rays causing temperatures to rise. If you would rather not spend the warmer months sweating unnecessarily on the sofa, it could be time to consider a different solution, and stylish plantation shutters could be the perfect answer to the problem.


Capture the Elegance of the Deep South

Plantation shutters come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours, and bring to mind the sophisticated elegance of the American Deep South. Versatile and modern, these made to measure window coverings perfectly complement any style of home, from the most contemporary apartment to rustic cottages. Adding kerb appeal to any property, not only do these shutters look fantastic but they also bring a host of other benefits, including keeping your living spaces pleasantly cool even on the hottest days.


Let the Sun Shine In

When you remember that plantation shutters were designed to block out the harsh sunlight and extreme heat found in the southern states of America, it is easy to see why they are so effective in keeping even the warmest rooms at a pleasant temperature. Particularly useful in south facing properties or in rooms with over-sized windows, these stylish window coverings can be adjusted to allow the light to shine through while still ensuring that the full strength of the sun cannot heat your space.


Feel the Breeze

One of the best things about installing plantation shutters is that you can keep your windows open to allow the air to pass through without compromising your privacy or your security. While leaving unprotected open windows puts you at risk of becoming a potential victim of opportunistic thieves, the extra layer of security offered by plantation shutters means that you can stay safe while enjoying the cooling breezes. As plantation shutters can also be adjusted, it is even possible to keep your windows wide open without passers-by being able to look into your rooms.


Shady Comfort and Sophisticated Elegance

If your conservatory is too hot in the summer, having plantation shutters fitted is a great way to make use of this pleasant space whatever the weather. Conservatories often have glass roofs and large windows, meaning that they can quickly heat up to an unbearable level once the sun begins to shine. Luckily, plantation shutters help to block out the most powerful rays, leaving you to enjoy the best of your garden without having to worry about getting burned.


Stay cool this summer when you have plantation shutters installed in your home, and experience the sophistication of the southern states.