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Perfect Fit Blinds – the Perfect Solution for a Stylish Home  

Blinds have long been a popular window covering, with verticals, Romans, louvres and rollers being commonly found in houses up and down the country. However now there is a new and innovative solution to making your windows look even more stylish – Perfect Fit Blinds. Perfect by name and perfect by nature, these innovative blinds are streamlined and simple to fit without any mess or hassle. So why choose Perfect Fit blinds?


Simple to Install

While putting up roller blinds or vertical blinds can be tricky, Perfect Fit blinds are accurately measured so that they simply clip into place inside your window frame. This means that there is no need for any nails or screws, making the process of installation quick and easy, giving you elegant window coverings without any damage being caused to your property. This is great news if you are a tenant, since the blinds can be easily removed without leaving any tell-tale holes in the wall that would require repairing so as not to lose your deposit. If you have a listed property, Perfect Fit blinds are once again a great choice as they comply with the many complicated guidelines that apply to making changes that could cause physical damage.


Safe for Children

If you are looking for blinds for a child’s bedroom but are worried about the potential strangulation hazard of a cord or cable, Perfect Fit blinds are the ideal option. They require no cables or cords, making them completely safe for use around youngsters.


Clutter-Free Style

While other types of blinds often leave clutter on the window sill, Perfect Fit blinds have a minimal fitting system and this makes them a wonderful choice if you are going for a minimalist design scheme or if you have a small room where space-saving is a priority.


Light Control and Insulation

Perfect Fit blinds fit very precisely into the window frame, covering the entire window. This means that there will be no irritating gaps to let in the light, so you have more control over the amount of sunlight which enters your room. The accurate fit also means that they offer a higher level of insulation than standard blinds, which means that heat is better retained inside the room during the colder months. This level of control makes Perfect Fit blinds a good choice in rooms where controlling heat and light is especially important, such as conservatories.


Perfect for Awkward Windows

If you have tilt-and-turn windows or skylights, you have probably struggled to find blinds that work. As Perfect Fit blinds actually fit into the window frame instead of being attached to the wall or recess, they are ideal for use on awkward windows, and since their innovative design makes the handle accessible, the windows can even be opened when the blind is pulled down.


Whatever type of windows you have, and whatever style your interior décor, you can rest assured that Perfect Fit blinds are the ideal choice for your home.