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Predicting The Design Trends This Autumn

While it may seem the summer has only just begun, it’s time to begin thinking about Autumn. The season of seeds and mellow fruitfulness is just around the corner, and with it comes a host of new and exciting interior design trends to breathe new life into your home.

As the heat of summer cools down, it’s a great time to start thinking about making some changes. What better way to banish those post-holiday blues than by planning a room makeover? Here, we predict some of the hottest new looks for the upcoming season so you can stay ahead of the trend and keep your home at the forefront of fashion.


Banish Minimalist White

While the minimalist approach has been all the rage for some time, and crisp, clean white interiors have swept the board, Autumn 2017 sees a swing in favour of warmer, cosier colours. Earthy shades of russet, brown and leafy green are making a comeback, for painted walls, accessories and soft furnishings. There are no better shades to celebrate this time of year, and opting for a hint of colour will give any room a welcoming appeal.


Choose Brass For The Metallic Touch

Metallic detailing has been in vogue for a while, and last year’s trend saw copper leading the way. This Autumn, be prepared to make some changes as brass is tipped to take over as the metal of choice in stylish homes up and down the nation. While copper fixtures will always have a special place in our hearts, the shiny, gimmicky accessories which were so prominent last season are likely to give way to the warmer and more classic look of aged brass.


Mix And Match Furnishings

The three piece suite has been slowly going out of style over the course of the last decade, but this Autumn we are going to see an exciting move towards mix and match pieces. Instead of going for a co-ordinated look with matching, bland sofa sets, stylish homeowners are opting for one-of-a-kind furnishings for a unique and bespoke look, bringing additional visual interest and appeal to living rooms everywhere.


Technology Free Enclaves

As technology continues to take over more and more aspects of our lives, increasing numbers of home decorators are keen to carve out their own little nook or sanctuary where they can enjoy some tech-free time. Autumn 2017 sees the rise of the cosy reading corner with a comfy armchair, traditional wooden bookcase and antique standard lamp as well as the enclosed bed with canopied and curtained sleeping spaces.


The Luxury Of Velvet

As the nights draw in, the weather cools and winter approaches, nothing feels more luxurious or cosy than the soft texture of velvet against the skin. This Autumn, indulge in velvet throws and pillows, preferably paired with rustic textured wooden furnishings and metallic details to delight the senses, or go all out and invest in a velvet upholstered armchair for that cosy reading corner.