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Are Blinds The Right Choice For Your Kitchen?  

Although there are many different choices of window covering for kitchens, one of the most popular options is blinds. The kitchen is often regarded as the heart of the home, and as many people spend a lot of time in this special room, cooking and eating, it is important to make this space as attractive and comfortable as possible so you can feel relaxed and happy.

Blinds are a practical choice for any kitchen, however it’s important to choose the right type to avoid the problems that can occur. Food often splatters during cooking which can lead to stains and the need for frequent cleaning, and kitchens are warm and humid places which can lead to the development of mould. The blinds that you choose need to be suitable for use in this type of environment while still looking stylish enough to complement your kitchen décor.


Steer Clear Of Wood

Although wooden blinds are attractive, they are not the best choice for use in a kitchen environment. Wood does not work well in high temperatures, and as kitchens can get very hot, this makes wood a poor choice. The good news is that there are faux wood roller blinds available which can give all of the stylish appearance of wooden blinds without any of the warping that can occur with the real thing. Another added advantage is that they simply wipe clean and cost less than actual wooden blinds.


Roller Blinds For The Kitchen

While roller blinds are a popular kitchen style, it is important to remember that fabric is not easy to keep clean. There are, however, vinyl coated roller blinds available which are not only easy to maintain but which are also flame retardant – ideal for use in a potentially hazardous kitchen environment.


Venetian And Vertical Blinds

Two other popular styles for kitchen blinds are the Venetian and Vertical options. Both offer a stylish appearance, however they can also be difficult to clean. Aluminium Venetian blinds eliminate the problem of removing tough stains as they can simply wipe clean, and vinyl vertical blinds also make light work of cleaning. Both styles are able to withstand high temperatures and will maintain their shape however hot the kitchen becomes.


Advantages Of Choosing Kitchen Blinds

When you choose blinds for your kitchen, you will discover that they are simple to maintain in the long term since they are easier to clean than curtains. Instead of having to take them down, wash them and dry them before rehanging, blinds can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth in order to remove any sticky spillages or stains, or vacuumed to remove the dirt and dust. Blinds also stand up well to the wear and tear that can be encountered in the harsh kitchen environment, and are likely to have a longer lifespan than curtains, which are also harder to care for. As blinds are also timeless, they will never go out of style and can be used for many years to come.