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Choosing curtains can be a difficult and challenging task, whether shopping online or within stores the choice of fabrics is overwhelming, not to mention the various options and styles.

However, by breaking the process down in to logical, manageable steps selecting the perfect window dressing becomes simple.

By putting in a little effort you will be rewarded with the awe and admiration of your family and friends at the next social gathering.

Your first decision should be on selecting the appropriate color scheme for your curtain fabric.

  • What is the colour of your carpet?
  • What is the colour of your wall coverings?
  • Is there an additional colour recurring throughout the room i.e. in the sofa, cushions, picture frames etc.

The colours of your carpets and walls will make up your two base colours, where as the third colour found throughout accessories in the room will provide your complimentary colour.

It is advised that the colour of your curtains is derived from these three colours. For a minimalist style or to create the illusion of space you may wish to use purely your carpet or wall covering colour.

Or to create a more intriguing and inspiring ambiance your could select a curtain that comprises the colours of both your carpet and your wall covering as its base, with the third complimentary colour making up the foreground design colour.

For example:

The following room combines a dark grey floor, with light grey walls and ivory sofas, the complimentary colour is a shade of Aubergine and can be found in the cushions and table accessory.

Using the above process we have selected a fabric which combines both the dark and light greys of the floor and walls, whilst also incorporating the complimentary Aubergine in the foreground design. You will also notice that this is a modern and contemporary fabric in keeping with that of the room set showcased.
Style Fabrics – Hollywood Aubergine

Secondly, as mentioned above comes the style of fabric. Decide upon the ambiance by which you are wishing to create and select the appropriate fabric.

For example:

  • Minimalist: Plain, subtle Fabrics
  • Traditional: Floral or Patterned Fabrics
  • Warm: Bright / Light Colours
  • Cold: Cool Colours / Subtle Tones
  • Modern: Bold / Abstract Designs

This is a very broad guide, the key element is to keep in mind the ambiance and style that you wish to create and let this dictate the style of your fabric.

Finally, is the choice of curtain heading. There are a number of varieties available when it comes to selecting your curtain heading, however here we will focus on the main ones:

Pinch Pleat Heading: This is the standard heading on most curtains.

Eyelet Heading: This gives a more modern look to the curtain, it does not provide as much gather as other options and works well with a minimalist style of décor.

Pinch Pleat Heading (Double/Triple): This is the most elegant of curtain headings and conveys class and luxury, the triple pleat option offers a greater level of gather than that of the double for a more sumptuous look.

Tab Top Heading: This is the simplest of the headings and is the lowest cost option.

For a more detailed overview of headings please see Choosing Your Curtain Heading.