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This may at first seem like a minor decision to make when selecting your curtains, however it is not to be underestimated. The heading you choose can have a surprisingly dramatic effect on the overall presentation of your curtains. Your choice of heading can also have a significant effect upon the final cost.

When choosing Ready Made Curtains you will have little or no choice over your type of heading as Ready Made Curtains are pre-manufactured and are not made to your specifications.

However, should you choose from our Made to Measure Curtains then you will be selecting curtains that are custom made to your exact specification. As such you will have complete choice over the heading that you require.

In order to help make this decision as painless and straightforward the main headings are covered below.

The main curtains headings that you will need to decide between are; Pencil Pleat Heading (Standard Heading), Double Pinch Pleat Heading, Triple Pinch Pleat Heading, Eyelet Heading or Tab Top Heading.

Pencil Pleat Heading

The Pencil Pleat Heading is the most common type of curtain heading, often referred to as the Standard Heading. It would be this heading that you received should you not wish to specify any alternative.

The Pencil Pleat Heading incorporates a line of curtain tape which is stitched into the back of the header of the curtain. This tape includes three lines of cord or string. In order to create your required gather the curtains are pulled up along the strings to the desired width. The level of gather should have been decided prior to the manufacture of the curtains in order that when they are pulled up to the correct width you automatically receive the correct gather.

Pencil Pleat headings include small tabs in which curtain hooks are inserted. These hooks can then be used in conjunction with the eyelets found on either curtain tracks or poles.

Pencil Pleat headings are both classic and elegant offering a simple finish to your curtains. Suitable with both poles and tracks alike they are also extremely versatile.

Double Pinch Pleat Heading

The Double Pinch Pleat Heading is a more elegant and formal option than that of the Pencil Pleat Heading. The Double Pinch Pleat Heading incorporates permanent stitched in pleats, thus ensuring that your curtain gathers perfectly and evenly along its width.

The stitched in Double Pinch Pleat Heading provides a very attractive, formal and elegant finish to the heading of your curtain.

If you wish to add a subtle touch of class to the finish of your curtains and stand out above the standard finish opted for by most this could be the choice for you.

Suitable with both poles and tracks alike.

Triple Pinch Pleat Heading

The Triple Pinch Pleat Heading is exactly the same as the Double Pinch Pleat Heading, however the Triple Pinch Pleat Heading includes an additional pleat. Subsequently, offering a fuller gather to your curtains.

The fuller gather offered by the Triple Pinch Pleat Heading coupled with the intricate detail created by the triple pleat within the heading ensure that this option exudes luxury.

The Triple Pinch Pleat Heading is the choice for customers wishing to convey the ultimate in formal class, luxury and elegance.

As with the Double Pinch Pleat Heading, the Triple Pinch Pleat Heading is suitable for use with both poles and tracks alike.

Eyelet Heading

The Eyelet Heading incorporates eyelets sewn into the heading of the curtain by which a pole can be slotted.
This type of heading works best with a minimal amount of gather and is well suited to a modern and contemporary design.

The lower level of gather helps to convey the effect of light, spacious, fresh and modern.

The finish of the eyelets themselves can also be chosen from a range including polished steel, chrome, black etc.

This type of finish is recommended for modern, contemporary styles of décor. Furthermore, this style is recommended for practicality in cases where curtains are drawn and closed repeatedly as the ease at which the curtains can be manoeuvred is extremely high.

Only suitable to be used in conjunction with a curtain pole.

Tab Top Heading

Similarly to that of the Eyelet Heading the Tab Top Heading works in conjunction with a pole. Tabs are sewn into the heading of the curtain, the pole is subsequently inserted within the tabs of the pole.

This option offers the least gather of all the curtain headings. Once again the Tab Top Curtain Heading is designed for use within a modern and contemporary environment.

The minimal gather offered along with the tab top design offers a simple, bright and breezy ambiance to the curtains and should be used in accordance with a décor of complimentary style.

Only suitable to be used in conjunction with a curtain pole.

Additional Headings

Should you require a more extravagant or one-off heading please contact us, as we are able to offer Goblet Headings, Swags and Tales, Pelmets etc. Whatever your imagination can conjure we will endeavour to create.