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Find Your Perfect Fit With Made To Measure Curtains

Whatever the size of your windows, or the style of your house, the perfect made to measure curtains are out there just waiting to be found.  From glamorous, sweeping full length sashes to retro chic cafe curtains, your windows are on to a winner with made to measure curtains.

If, however, you don’t know your pelmet from your valance,  you might need a little nod in the right direction when it comes to choosing the perfect made to measure curtains for you. As an interior design firm that strives to provide the highest quality service to our customers, we also like to offer the very best quality advice to help you chose the right made to measure curtains for your home.

Curtains That Fit Just Right 

Because windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, curtains do too. Whilst you can choose from a reasonably comprehensive range of sizes in off-the-shelf and ready made curtains, made to measure are exactly that – tailor made to fit your windows exactly.  No nasty gaps around the sides or in the middle, and just the right length to sweep the floor or sit below the window cil. Curtains should not allow light to peak around the edges, nor should they invade your privacy.  A beautifully fitted pair of curtains will keep drafts at bay, making your home more heat efficient and helping to keep the warmth inside where it should be.

Fabrics To Suit Your Every Desire

Ready made curtains are limited by the amount of colours and textiles that they are available in. Made to measure curtains however, can be made from any material that your heart desires.  From expensive, designer fabrics to simple and subtle contemporary shades, you can have your curtains complement your colour scheme to a tee.   You can source your own fabric, or speak to us about finding a fabric that works with your existing decor.  Heavy fabrics look amazing and add instant grandeur to your home.  Whatever your style, our made to measure curtain service has got you covered.

A Wide Range Of Linings

If you want to completely black out the daylight, for a children’s room or nursery for example, we can supply and fit first class “black out” linings that completely prevents the sun from peaking through.  You can have this type of lining attached to any of our curtains when we make them for you.  An extra layer of lining will help to insulate your room better by keeping the heat in, and you and yours safely tucked away from nasty draughty windows.

Superior Quality Curtains And Drapes

Custom fit, made to measure curtains may cost a little bit more than ready made, shop brought ones, but oh my  – what an investment!  Your made to measure curtains will look and feel sublime, will keep the light out and the warmth in, and most importantly, they will perfectly match your interior.

Made to measure curtains may stretch your budget, but if you can afford them, they are well worth investing in. Here at Merlin Interiors we offer a number of deluxe fabrics for your bespoke curtains, including Belfield, Sanderson, ROMO, Kobe, Hardy and Prestigious Textiles. So, for made to measure curtains with Pencil Pleats, Pinch Pleats, French Pleats and Eyelet/Ring Tops, call us today on 01271 375313.