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Made to Measure Curtains – Made To Match Your Every Requirement

Because not all windows are the same, and not everybody has the same taste in decor, bespoke made to measure curtains offer the perfect solution to anyone looking for a particular fabric or colour scheme.  They also offer the ultimate solution for those with unusually proportioned window spaces. Here at Merlin Interiors we offer a wide range made to measure curtains to suit every single window and every individual design requirement.

While ready to hand curtains can be suitable in some settings, nothing looks or fits as well as made to measure curtains, designed to match your design and size requirement exactly.

If you are considering taking the plunge and treating your home and your windows to something a little bit special, here is our guide as to why made to measure curtains are the cream of the crop when it comes to window dressings.

1. The Perfect Fit

Most people come to us looking for curtains that will fit their windows precisely.  Gaps that let in the light, or curtains that scrape along the floor or barely each the window sill, not only look bad, they are not fit for purpose.  Made to measure curtains do exactly what they say they will, fit your window perfectly.  Dimensions that fully cover the drop, the width and the type of track or pole you will be using, can only be met using a made to measure curtain service.

2. The Right Design

When you choose to have your curtains custom made, you get the benefit of choosing the exact fabric, colour and pattern you are looking for.  This means you can find curtains that complement existing interior designs, add depth and interest, and more importantly, look simply stunning.  Whether you are looking for deep velvet floor to ceiling drapes to add a sense of opulence, or something cool and contemporary as a focus point for your pad, made to measure curtains offer a wealth of options for you to choose from.

3.  Pleated The Way You Want

French pleat, pencil pleat, pinch pleat, eyelets, tab tops and many more – a made to measure curtain can be gathered in any way you see fit.  From simple hanging panels to sumptuous tucks and pleats, your curtains will hang perfectly.

4.  Quality Curtains For Years To Come

Because made to measure curtains are made from top quality fabric, with first class fittings, they will last you a lot longer than ready made curtains will.  Sure, they may be more expensive to purchase, but you can rest assured that your curtains will last your for many years to come.

5. Line The Way You Want

Most ready made curtains are unlined, or are fitted with a special type of lining the blocks out the light completely.  If you don’t want black out lining, but you do want some kind of lining your curtains, your ready made options may be limited. Made to measure curtains can be fitted with the lining of your choice. Block out the light, keep in the warmth or even add a contrasting colour as a design feature – made to measure curtains comes with made to measure linings too.

Finally, your made to measure curtains will be an investment that will complete the look and feel of your home. Made from quality fabrics, and created with the utmost of care, Merlin Interiors make made to measure curtains that will take pride of place in your home for many years to come.

Here at Merlin Interiors we provide first class interior design and upholstery service, and are specialist drapers and curtain makers. To find out more about our services, speak to us today on