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Combating Workplace Stress Begins At Home

With the news that half a million people every year suffer from work-related stress, it has also become clear that the best place to begin combating the problem is not in the workplace at all, but in the home. Interior design has a key role to play in creating a safe and tranquil living space that promotes peace of mind as experts have long recognised that our moods can be hugely affected by our environment. The good news is that it isn’t too difficult to turn your home into a peaceful oasis where you can fully relax and unwind from the stresses of the day. By making a few simple changes, you too can have a home that helps you to feel rested and ready to return to the office.


Reflecting The Beauty Of Nature

By recreating elements of the natural environment in your home, you can help to relieve stress and soothe your mind. By adding a water theme to your rooms, by using plenty of foliage in your interior spaces and by using rocks and stones as additional decorative touches, you can bring the splendour of nature into your life, along with all of feelings of well-being that it brings.


Choose Soothing Colours

It’s well known that certain colours can provoke a specific mental response, so it’s key to choose the right shades to bring you peace of mind and a tranquil atmosphere. Avoid bright reds and hot pinks, and instead opt for more natural pastel shades such as pale blues and greens which are known to be relaxing and calming.


Boost Your Sunlight Exposure

Natural sunlight is well known to improve mood and increase levels of serotonin released into the body, which in turn promotes mental well-being and helps us to experience feelings of happiness. If your rooms are dark and unwelcoming, you will feel even more stressed at home. Take steps to lighten your living spaces by switching to curtains made of a lighter fabric or by opting for voiles instead of heavy drapes. You can also use strategically placed mirrors in small, dark areas of your home such as narrow hallways or cloakrooms to create the impression of extra light and space.


Increase Your Storage Space

Clutter has a negative effect on the mind, and living surrounded by all kinds of miscellaneous items can increase stress levels and make the home an unpleasant environment in which to live. The solution to this is simple – add more storage to your rooms. Inbuilt shelving units and under-bed storage boxes are just two ways of increasing space in your home to keep all of your odds and ends. Consider innovative solutions such as adding shelving up to the ceiling and investing in ottomans for hallways and bedrooms where you can store excess equipment and clothing. When all of your clutter has been safely stowed away, you can once again enjoy the freedom of mind that comes with a tidy and orderly home.