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Choosing Blinds for a Child’s Bedroom or Playroom

Although choosing a stylish and beautiful home décor is essential for the majority of people, when the time comes to decorate a child’s playroom or bedroom, practicality is another consideration which must be borne in mind. While aesthetics are still important, ensuring that you choose items which are capable of withstanding heavy duty use and regular wear and tear is key to making a long-lasting investment.

When it comes to choosing window coverings for a child’s space, blinds are often a popular choice. Easy to operate and highly durable, yet also attractive to look at, there are several types of blind on the market which would look fantastic in any playroom, bedroom or nursery.


Roller Blinds for Extra Convenience

Durable and robust, a roller blind is an ideal choice for any child’s room, and as an added bonus they are also very easy to maintain and clean. The perfect practical addition for any nursery, bedroom or playroom, a roller blind will enable parents to adjust the amount of light allowed to enter the space, and since they are available in a wide choice of styles and fabrics it is easy to find a blind which perfectly complements the existing décor.


Roman Blinds for Aesthetic Appeal

Combining the functionality of a blind with the aesthetics of curtains, a Roman blind could be the ideal addition to a child’s bedroom or playroom. With a vast selection of patterns and colours to choose from, you won’t have any difficulty in finding a print that suits your child’s preferences or which complements the interior design scheme to create a relaxing and beautiful environment.


Blackout Blinds for Poor Sleepers

Many parents complain that their child is a light sleeper and awakes easily at the first sign of light in the sky.  This problem can easily be resolved by investing in blackout blinds which will block out all light to ensure that little ones get a full night’s sleep. Even during the light evenings and mornings of the summer season, children’s sleep patterns will not be interrupted and parents will also be able to enjoy a long rest. As children get older, blackout blinds are also a great solution for blocking out the sun’s glare from PC screens, TVs and laptops.


Velux Blinds for Attic Spaces

If you have converted your attic into a playroom or bedroom for a child, the best window covering solution for you is Velux blinds. Giving additional privacy and impressive light control without ever compromising on space, a Velux blind is stylish and elegant whilst also remaining infinitely practical, fitting closely to the window to avoid unsightly dangling curtains or incorrectly fitting blinds.


Safety Comes First

Although blinds are a practical and attractive option for any child’s room, it is always important to remember that safety comes first. Whichever type of blind you choose to install, you should always ensure that there are no dangling cords which could represent a hazard to youngsters.