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What Makes for The Perfect Hotel Room?

While many of us have stayed in a number of luxurious hotels offering a wealth of beauty and ambience, there are some horror stories out there concerning the décor of other hotels. The hotel industry is a thriving, but competitive one, and as such, today’s modern guest expects a lot for their money.

While different hotels will offer different amenities based on price, many guests will always expect a hotel room that is both comfortable and pleasing to the eye. As such, it can be worthwhile considering a few factors when it comes to furnishing a hotel room.

Expectations of a Hotel Room

Regardless of whether it’s a budget hotel, or a luxurious one, the comfort of a room is paramount to ensure visitors get a good night’s sleep. As such, it needs to offer a healthy balance of comfort and practicality, with the amenities associated with the price point. However, there is never an excuse for a poorly decorated hotel room.

The following aspects can make for a poor night’s sleep.

Incorrect curtain type.

  • Hunger
  • Décor
  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Noise

With regards to the temperature and preparation of food, this can be resolved very quickly. However, other aspects of the hotel room may require more consideration. For example, if the room is too bright is this due to the curtain fabric being too light? Or is it because the curtains used were purchased from a store as opposed to being made-to-measure? While investing in bespoke curtains can be seen as a more expensive route, in many instances, you will find that bespoke hotel room curtains allows you to make the best of your hotel room, as you will have full creative control.

Hotel owners can also ensure that the fabric is thick enough to keep out sunlight, which in some instances can wake guests up far too early.

As well as ensuring the curtains are suited to purpose and can be closed directly, you also need to ensure that other furnishings are comfortable. Of course, guests expect a bed to be more luxurious in a high-end hotel, but that doesn’t mean that they should be subjected to discomfort when staying at a cheaper hotel. As such, hotels should ensure that any mattresses and pillows are able to deliver a comfortable sleeping experience for guests, or you could find yourself at the end of a scathing review.

If you’re struggling to know what changes to implement, then why not consider the opinions of those who have stayed at the hotel in the past. While it can be difficult to listen to bad reviews, it does allow the hotel an opportunity to converse with customers in a positive manner, with people likely to return knowing that their opinion was a valued one.

Image: Pixabay, available via Creative Commons.