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Unusual Uses For Plantation Shutters

When most people think of plantation shutters, they usually imagine the traditional white, crisp, louvred shutters that are famous for covering the large picture windows of an American mansion. However, these window coverings are a lot more versatile than you might imagine. You may be surprised to discover that you can use these shutters in a wide range of places in the home that you will almost certainly have never considered. Here, we look at some of the more unusual uses for plantation shutters to give you inspiration.

Cover Your French Doors

Plantation shutters aren’t just for windows, they can be used on French doors too, giving the opening a stylish, clean look. Unlike shades or blinds which may sway in the wind and bang on the door when they’re opened, and unlike curtains which can be blown outdoors on windy days, shutters will always stay fixed in place no matter how often the doors are opened and closed. Even better, it’s possible to accommodate all kinds of handle, from lever styles to other, larger types, simply by providing a square, round or customised cut-out on the shutter, making it easy to access.

Divide Your Room

If you’ve ever considered separating a room into two to make the space feel cosier or more contemporary, shutters could be the ideal alternative to complex and expensive building work. While erecting a wall is a complicated and time consuming task, installing plantation shutters will be a fraction of the cost and can even be moved from room to room for convenient redecoration. Whether you want to separate a living/dining room or create a home office in a secluded corner, shutters will help you to maximise your use of space.

Cover Awkwardly Shaped Windows

If you have unusually shaped round or oval windows in your home, you have probably despaired of ever finding a convenient window covering solution that fits perfectly. However plantation shutters are able to be made into virtually any shape, so you can easily cover the opening and retain your privacy while enjoying a sophisticated and stylish look to the room.

Give Your Wardrobe A New Look

If you have built-in wardrobes in your bedroom, you may well be thinking that they look unsightly and outdated, and are wondering how you could improve their appearance. Luckily, plantation shutters represent an easy and effective way of bringing your room bang up to date. By replacing tired old wooden or mirrored wardrobe doors with stylish louvred shutters your space will get an instant lift, immediately adopting a more contemporary, elegant look. As an added bonus, you can also protect your clothing and valuables inside from the harmful rays of the sun by simply closing the louvres tightly.

Available in a range of attractive colours and finishes, plantation shutters are an ideal choice for all kinds of purposes around the home, so be creative and set your imagination free with these versatile coverings that aren’t just for windows.