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Shutter Styles

Full Height

Full height shutters provide outstanding privacy and are excellent for blocking out light because of their simple panel configuration as the panels and frames cover the full height of the window this also makes them ideal if your home is next to a busy road or are overlooked by neighbours
Full height shutters provide beautiful symmetry with a clean and sophisticated look
Covering the full height of the window, this is our most popular and flexible installation style due to their aesthetic appeal simplicity and the wide range of window styles they suit
Full height shutters can be ordered in all of our shutter range from our entry level priced MDF Antigua to our white teak Sumatra range and also the 100% waterproof Java range, call into Merlin Interiors to view the styles and arrange an appointment for our surveyor

Tier on Tier

Tier on Tier shutters are similar to the Café style shutters, but with a second tier of shutters on the top half of the frame. Both the top and the bottom panels can be independtly opened to give optimum light control & greater adjustability to provide privacy

Café Style

Maximise light whilst providing privacy. With the top of the window un-shuttered, Café style shutters are ideal for ground level windows and town houses.

This style is also suitable for ground floor bedrooms by having the privacy in the lower half of the window and the top half left open allowing light to flood the room. This syle can be complimented by using curtains from our extensive range of fabrics to offer a stylish window solution

Our Café style shutters can be color matched to your own specific paintwork all we need is the paint colour and manufacturer.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are notoriously hard to cover. No matter the size or complexity of your Bay window S Craft range of made to measure window shutters can be customised to offer the perfect window covering for all bay windows including Splay bays, Angled bays & Square bays.
Scraft shutters can help keep the room warm in winter giving an extra barrier against the window and cooler in summer but still allowing a breeze to pass through the open louvers. Splay Bays, Angled Bays and Square Bay Window Shutters

Tracks and Wardrobes
Bi- Fold and Bi- pass:

Bi-fold tracked shutters work well in conjunction with bi-fold doors, allowing you to concertina large runs of shutters out of the way and bring the outside in.

Bi-fold track shutters are ideal for long runs or as room dividers, patio door systems, wardrobes and many more applications.

Bi-pass Shutters offer the same appeal as Bi-fold but instead of folding back they are not hinged together but glide in front or behind each other on tracks.

The robust nature of S Craft shutters and their high quality finish provides a fantastic solution for wardrobe doors. Solid panels, solid bases and fixed louvers can be specified to meet your requirement.

Solid Panel 

Solid shutters have been used in the UK for more than 200 years and provide a more traditional finish to your window these are only available in hardwood materials from the stunning Fiji and Sumatra ranges, in two styles and a wide range of colours.

French Doors

Due to the bespoke nature of our products we are able to create cut-outs around your door handles to suit each bespoke installation

Any Shape & Size

Even the most unusual window shapes can be catered for within the S Craft range. Most popular styles include arches, circles and gable installations
Other shapes include angled, elongated, half round, quarter round, octagon, triangle, trapezoid
Tall and curved no matter how impressive the scale of your windows our shutters can be designed to fit, we offer a telescopic pole to accompany your shutters allowing you to reach the trickiest of places.

Conservatory and Skylight

S Crafts range of skylight and conservatory shutters provide a stylish yet highly practical light and heat control solution to your windows. Ordering shutters for your skylights really couldn’t be simpler, we just need you know your window model number.

The combination of engineered panels and a high quality finish with a UV protective layer provide an ideal solution for conservatory installations. Let as little or as much light in as you want.

Shutters are made to measure for your conservatory, crafted to match the shapes, sizes and angles of your room.