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Things to Consider When Choosing Made-To-Measure Curtains

The modern-day home can be an extension of our personality, and while some are happy with a more conformed look, others want to ensure that their home is as bespoke as possible. One way to ensure that this is the case, is to use made-to-measure curtains, ensuring that you have a perfect fit each time. However, there are still a number of things to consider before committing to a purchase.

Which Rooms Need New Curtains?

When deciding on made-to-measure curtains, you need to first decide which rooms actually require curtains, as not all designs will be the same. For example, the living room may require the use of lighter fabrics, whereas the bedroom may require a thicker and darker fabric. Make a list of each room and its requirements to help you make a more well-informed decision.

Consider Your Budget

While we may like the idea of having the most luxurious curtains possible, budget constraints can mean it’s not always possible. When we’re looking to update our curtains, it’s important to have a realistic budget, or we could find ourselves in a predicament. You may decide to have an overall budget, or a budget-per-room, but both strategies can help you make more cost-effective decisions.

Quality and Design

While we don’t want to overspend on made-to-measure curtains, we certainly don’t want to underpay either. Opting for a cheaper alternative often means that we’re sacrificing the quality, and can require more investment moving forward. As such, when ordering made-to-measure curtains, only use a company of good repute to ensure that your curtains are both affordable and of a high quality.

Double Check Your Measurements

When measuring for curtains, it’s important that the measurements are correct, otherwise you could find yourselves with curtains that are too large, or too small to cover the entire window. As such, double check all measurements, and be fully aware of your curtain length, heading type and lining type.

Be Realistic with Turnaround Times

While we would like our curtains instantly, we have to remember that made-to-measure curtains have to be created from scratch. While we shouldn’t be waiting for weeks on end for the delivery of our curtains, we do have to ensure that we give the company carrying out the order, the time to ensure that their product is of a high quality and fit-for-purpose.

As you can see, there are a number of factors that need to be considered when choosing made-to-measure curtains. However, the initial groundwork is well worth the investment of time, as you will have a truly bespoke finish that looks to complement each room accordingly.

Image: Flickr, available under Creative Commons