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Interior Design Can Now Be Viewed Via Virtual Reality

We’re all fully aware of how technology has made advancements in a number of different sectors, and interior design is no different. As such, services such as Decorilla are giving those who are looking for an overhaul of their current abode a sneak preview of what things could look like once the project is finished.

After details of the project are sent to the company, customers are invited to view their new design in fully immersive 3D.

Of course, as the inclusion of virtual reality, or augmented reality, is new to the world of interior design, it’s not a concept that’s been rolled out globally as yet. There is also a plethora of DIY interior design apps that while offering a first-person perspective, they don’t offer the selection of items that could be found when perusing 3D plans.

At this junction, it may be wise not to jump on the virtual reality aspect of interior design, but as the technology becomes easier to manage and is made available to companies that deal with interior design, it could be worth keeping an eye on this particular trend so it can be embraced once it’s fully matured.

Like many technological advancements, it is likely that such a concept will go through a series of tests and changes before being made universal, but it does show just how far technology has brought us and how the viewing of various design projects, including interior design, will flourish in the future should the trend gain momentum.

Image: WikiMedia, available under Creative Commons.