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Why interior design is an indispensable art

When constructing any space, public or private, safety and functionality are always the top priorities. And no one should argue with that. However, once these two crucial fundamentals are met, the next thing to consider should definitely be the appearance of the place. We live in an era when image is almost everything. If your space is not visually appealing, very few people will want to stay around for long. This is what makes interior design an indispensable art.

An interior designer ensures that the arrangement of a space meets or exceeds the owner’s expectations. He or she understands how to make a space physically and emotionally comfortable. A designer strives to give a space the best image while ensuring that safety and functionality are also taken care of.

Reflecting your own taste in your space

We all know that an aesthetically pleasing space always generates a pleasant atmosphere. An interior designer has the skills to make your space reflect your own personality and personal taste by combining all the elements at his or her disposal. For example, a good designer will pick and arrange your furniture pieces with your personal taste in mind. It is fair to say that an interior designer essentially upgrades a space and takes it to the next level.

Decorator versus interior designer

It is important to understand that there is a massive difference between a decorator and an interior designer. An interior designer is a professional at planning as well as arranging a space. It is a profession that takes a lot of training and passion for mastering. One has to pass several exams and acquire a license, in order to become a professional at arranging spaces. Although a decorator also focuses on aesthetics and style, a designer combines personal talent and learnt skills and has a better grasp of safety and functionality than a decorator.

Even architects place emphasis on the interior design

The importance of an interior designer cannot be emphasised enough. While the architects are involved in designing the structure in general, sometimes they have to involve various consultants in the process. Although architects need to be knowledgeable in some aspects of design to be effective professionals, they cannot be experts in everything. One of the specialists consulted by the architect is the interior designer.

Interior design is an integral part of the process

It is recommended that you involve an interior designer the entire process, from start to finish. This way, all the players in the project work as a cohesive team with the one goal. This is better than when you design the architecture and then try to adjust the interior spaces and colours later.

Interior designers are great at selecting colour schemes and choosing the best fixtures, furnishings and finishes. It may seem uncomplicated, but anyone who has ever attempted to do it will tell you that the process can be overwhelming.

You cannot replace an interior designer’s skills

While you may be able to do a decent job of selecting some of the furnishings and finishes, only an interior designer has the knowledge and skill to blend personal taste and coordination in a tasteful way that will enhance your interior space.

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