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Your ideal guide to purchasing the most ideal blinds

When it comes to giving a room the wow factor, there is no limit to what window blinds can do. There are so many things that you can do to give your space some much-needed oomph and top among them is blinds. Blinds not only improve how a room looks but also how it is used.

When it comes to treating our windows, the big dilemma is always what to choose between curtains and blinds. But it’s all a matter of personal preference although sometimes there are some factors that make one option more preferable than the other. For example, most people will agree that for a relatively small room, curtains can be a bit much. And there are those who decide to have both.

When making a decision about the binds, the choices are almost similar to those of curtains. You can choose to go for either ready-made or made-to-measure blinds. It all depends on the sizes and shapes of your windows as well as the money at your disposal.

In addition to being decorative, blinds also need to be functional. It’s amazing how many different ways blinds can be used to spruce up a room without having to break the bank.

Since blinds are such an integral part of your interior décor, a lot of thought needs to go into the process of purchasing them. You want them to be one of the reasons that you will always be looking forward to being in your home.

Here are some facts to help you make a smart choice when purchasing blinds:

Your budget

If you are on a limited budget, there are some sacrifices that you may have to make. Your best option may be to go for ready-made blinds. However, this is not to say that nothing good can come out of ready-made blinds. The only difference is that you will not have any contribution to make in the design process. Also, larger size blinds cost more than smaller size ones.

Your style

While bold colours might be the ultimate choice for some, others may prefer more subtle colours. Subtle hues are more suited to rooms that are covered in more conservative colours. Apart from colours, there is also the design of the blinds, from the corded styles to the cordless ones.

Cleaning time

All blinds attract dust due to their proximities to the openings of any room. While standard blinds need to be cleaned regularly, they are easy to clean and the cleaning can be done at home. Shades, on the other hand, need special care and should either be professionally cleaned or vacuumed.


If you are looking for an option that has different ways of creating different looks, shades might be your answer. However, when it comes to cleaning shades, they do require a special kind of attention. For example, vinyl shades need to be hand-washed while fabric shades are vacuumed regularly using a hand tool or just professionally cleaned.

Window sizes

When you know the exact measurements of the windows that you want to cover, your decision making will be much easier. And it’s not just knowing the window’s measurements, but also knowing the area that you want the blinds to cover.

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