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Hot New Interior Design Looks for the Summer Season

Every season has its own hot looks, but this summer there are more exciting trends than ever before thanks to exotic prints and a return to geometric patterns, both turning back the clock on vintage elegance. Whether your house needs a complete overhaul or whether just one space is desperate for a revamp, Summer 2017 has a style to suit you. If you’re looking for some great ideas for an interior design project for your home, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration!


Tropical Prints and Exotic Wallpapers

Leaf prints have been in vogue all year, but for this summer season they’ve taken a more exotic twist. Palm fronds and colourful flowers are all the rage, but it’s up to you whether you go all out with a dramatic tropical wallpaper or whether you opt for a more subtle hint with a single framed leaf print.


Hexagonal Patterns for Minimalist Appeal

Geometric prints have gone in and out of style for decades, but Summer 2017 sees hexagons making a comeback in a big way. Played to their best advantage in bold, primary colours, the honeycomb pattern is decorating everything this season, from rugs and curtains to lampshades and wallpaper. Its clean, neat lines bring a touch of minimalist elegance to any living space.


Step Back in Time

We’re not thinking retro here, but rather we’re talking vintage. Forget brash paisley patterns or the garish shades of the 1960s, the look to achieve this summer involves detailed wallpapers, soft and subtle colours and gently blended tones. Capturing the sophisticated essence of an Edwardian parlour, pastel pinks and warm greys are the perfect way to create a welcoming and stylish feel to a living or dining room.


Rustic Mediterranean Style

Nothing conjures up the charm of the Mediterranean quite like terracotta tiles. The warm orange tones bring to mind sun-soaked terraces and long lazy days- so no wonder that this type of flooring has seen a comeback now that the warmer months are drawing near. Natural materials are becoming increasingly popular, so stay ahead of this decorating trend by investing in some stylish new tiles for your hallway, kitchen or conservatory.


Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood

Natural wood flooring has been popular for some time, but this season the trend has taken an environmentally aware turn. Reclaimed wood is not only cheaper than natural wood but it is also easier to care for and maintain, with the added benefit of being a sustainable resource. With eco-friendliness and the minimising of carbon footprints being high on the agenda these days, what better way to update your home than by transforming your floor with reclaimed wood floor tiles or adding rustic touches such as a reclaimed mantelpiece or ceiling beams?


Be inspired by these exciting interior design ideas and create your own decorative masterpiece, or use the services of a certified interior designer and get a bespoke look that perfectly matches your taste and which fits into your budget.