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Green is Envy – Make Them Jealous of Your Gorgeous Decor

When it comes to redecorating your home, you may not immediately think of choosing green as your preferred design scheme. With bold shades or classic neutrals traditionally being more popular, it’s easy to see why green often gets overlooked, and yet when it is done right it can be a sophisticated and stylish way to bring colour and life into your room.

The first thing to note about a green colour scheme is that it encompasses a multitude of shades. From the palest hint of mint to a splash of lime, and from the deep almost blue of teal to the darkest moss colour, you have a wealth of choice to perfectly complement your space. You can feel free to fully embrace the look with walls, made to measure curtains and accessories all co-ordinating within your chosen scheme, or simply add hints and touches to breathe new life into a plain room.


The Psychology of Green

Green has long been recognised as the colour of relaxation, famous for promoting serenity and calm wherever it is used. This makes it perfect for use in any room of the home, but especially in spaces where peace and tranquillity is most desirable. At the end of a long and stressful day at work, what could be better than settling down to unwind in a living room or bedroom that has been tastefully and beautifully decorated in this most harmonious of colours?


Shades of Green

If you long to bring vibrancy and life into your home, zesty limes or yellow-greens are an ideal alternative to the more traditional reds or hot pinks. Bringing all of the appeal of a tropical summer’s day, these bright and exciting shades have a fun and youthful feel that is sure to draw the eye and create a feel-good vibe, even in the depths of winter.

Bring the beauty of nature into your living room with rich spring greens and garden shades. Whether you opt for solid panels of colour in the form of a feature wall, rug or blind, or add touches through patterned cushions, stencilling or artwork, you can enjoy all of the pleasure of your outdoor space indoors, even when the skies are grey.

A mint colour scheme adds a light and feminine touch to any room, from the bathroom to the bedroom. Airy and breezy, this shade lends cool overtones to your space and is especially attractive when paired with white furniture and accessories.

A bright, apple shade looks especially good in the kitchen, where it can be twinned with classic white subway tiles, white painted cabinets and sleek, stainless steel fixtures and fittings for a modern yet vibrant appeal.

If you are hoping to create a more formal feel for your space, a darker shade like teal works exceptionally well. Perfect for more masculine rooms or sophisticated dining rooms, this rich and bold colour complements both dark and light wood furniture while creating a strong design statement.