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Full Exposure – Industrial Style for Your Home

The industrial look is synonymous with the super-chic Manhattan warehouse-style apartment, with its classic exposed brickwork and low hanging lighting. Now, this ultra-cool look has made its way across the pond and is turning up in homes all across the UK. While this style was once the preserve of the young and trendy – only seen in cutting edge contemporary flats- industrial décor has now moved into the mainstream and, when done carefully, can easily be incorporated into the decoration of your home whatever its age or style.

Exposed walls are a key feature of the industrial look, and while this was once difficult to achieve in most properties, today it is a breeze thanks to the realistic-looking wallpapers that can be purchased from any quality stockist. Choose from designs as diverse as traditional brickwork, concrete or natural appearance stonework, all of which have a modern appeal and which bring an elegant and contemporary feel to any space, from the kitchen to the living room.


Rustic Wood and Industrial Steel

Getting the industrial look right is all about attention to detail. If you want to fully achieve the desired effect you need to think in terms of appropriate furniture and accessories too. Rustic, distressed wood is a major element of this type of décor and can be added in the form of an occasional table, kitchen counter or reclaimed wood mantelpiece. Steel is also a popular material for this look, and can be incorporated especially easily in kitchen appliances and accessories, as well as in the legs of tables, chairs and other free-standing furniture. If you’re going for the industrial look, there’s also no need to worry about covering up any exposed copper pipework in your home – that’s all part of this up to date trend.


Key Accessories for a Subtle Look

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a little more subtle without going for a wholesale overhaul, you can add elements of industrial-chic without going all-out. A brickwork feature wall draws the eye without overpowering the room, while opting for a grey colour scheme paired with metal accessories adds just enough of the right feel without being overtly over the top. Clever use of lighting can add even more to this décor – low hanging pendant lights with wire framed shades are the perfect addition, and metal table lamps bring light to dark corners while fitting into the theme.

When it comes to furniture, leather sofas or linen covered chairs are ideal to achieve this style, with traditional Chesterfield couches and modern low-profile settees being the best choice. Neutral colours are also the order of the day, with cushions, rugs and other accessories featuring a woven texture to perfectly complement the look. An interior design specialist can advise you on how to choose the right industrial look to complement your home, and by giving your space a factory-style overhaul, you can enjoy a modern and contemporary look that brings your space right into the 21st century.