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  • Unfortunately your new curtains will be inclined to collect and gather dust. Over a period of time this dust will build up leaving your new curtains looking unsightly. However, this can easily be prevented with a little daily care. Simply, give your curtains a gentle tug once a day either when you open or close them. This will unsettle the dust and prevent excessive build up.
  • Additionally it is advisable to very gently vacuum your curtains once a month. Select the lowest suction setting and use the telescopic part of your vacuum, attach a head containing a soft bristled brush. Take additional care if you have any sequins or beads stitched to the curtains, in which case it is advised to very gently brush you curtains with the soft bristled brush as oppose to vacuum.
  • Generally, when laundering your curtains it is advised to have them dry-cleaned. However, when it comes to laundering your curtains it is essential that you seek the guidance of the curtain label as different fabrics will require significantly different laundering processes, using the incorrect process could severely damage your curtains. Made to Measure Curtains do not contain labels so it is imperative that you consult your curtain provider at the time of purchase as to their specific care requirements.
  • Pay particular attention to any curtains that have specialist linings, as these can affect the way in which they should be laundered.
  • Pay extreme caution when laundering Fire Retardant Curtains, laundering fabrics that have been treated to provide fire resistance can deteriorate the coating that has been applied and subsequently affect their fire retardant properties. Again, it is essential that this is discussed with your curtain provider at the time of purchase.

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