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How To Choose The Right Blinds For Your Bathroom

Traditionally, blinds have always been used in bathrooms, as they offer a practical and attractive way to cover your windows. With a wide choice of styles, fabrics and sizes to suit any decor or window size, blinds are not only a practical option, they can also be incredibly stylish and offer an water-resistant alternative to curtains or drapes.  When it comes to bathrooms in particular, they offer plenty of privacy as well as adding a focal point for your bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom.

Why Do Blinds Work So Well In The Bathroom?

If you are fortunate enough to have a window in your bathroom, your priority for your window coverings will be that they add privacy to your room as well as being made from a fabric or material that will withstand a damp environment.   Roman blinds, vertical blinds, slatted blinds, faux wood blinds and roller blinds all work well in bathrooms, wet rooms and cloakrooms.

Blinds work better the curtains

Obvious as it may be, curtains don’t generally work well in bathrooms as they are made from fabrics that don’t generally withstand damp and humidity. They are also harder to keep clean, and may need replacing on a regular basis.

Choose a suitable material

Many bathroom blinds come in PVC or polyester materials, and are available in a variety of colours and patterns to compliment your decor without compromising on quality.  These type of blinds can also be wiped down to prevent mould forming.  Cotton, linen and silk blinds may work well around the rest of our home, but these are not well suited for bathrooms.

Go for faux wood over real wood

Most real woods aren’t particularly suitable for damp or humid areas as they can stain warp and even twist over time.  Clever faux wood blinds can look just as good as real wooden blinds, but are much more resistant to water and damp, and will stay looking great for many years to come.

Roller blinds are best

Roller blinds are traditionally well suited to bathroom environments because the ability to roll them up out of the way, makes them less susceptible to splashes and stains from water or window sill items. They are also quick and easy to adjust, and you can always ensure that you have the right amount of light or privacy in your bathroom.

Venetian Blinds

If your bathroom has plenty of ventilation and your window is far enough away from your bath or shower curtain, you may be able to install a beautiful Venetian blind to add grandeur. Venetian blinds can be quickly and easily adjusted to let as much, or as little, light in as you desire.  Moveable slats can be twisted in both directions to angle bright sunlight away, without compromising on the amount of light in the room.

Your bathroom should be a peaceful haven away from the world.  Most bathrooms have tiled walls, and are limited to decorative touches by the need for practical pieces and essential bathroom sanitary ware.  But, with the addition of the right blinds, you can instantly increase the appeal of your bathroom, and really make it a reflection of your own design tastes and style.


Here at Merlin Interiors we can advise you on the right blind for your bathroom, and can provide a wide range of styles and designs that will look just right in your bathroom.  From timeless plain fabrics to create a truly relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, or colourful or funky patterns to contrast and create interest, we can find the right blinds for you.

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