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Cheap Coffee Table Used to Create Tiny Music Visualizer

Tech enthusiasts are able to purchase a number of premium products that look to combine the luxury of everyday living with high-end gadgets. Take for example the bed that produces a television out of nowhere with the mere push of a button, or even the retro-infused video games that double as unique coffee tables.

However, some of the most fascinating examples of tech and furniture hybrids can be right under our nose, and we would be none the wiser. Adafruit Industries are an open-source hardware company, and it was the Tiny Music Visualizer project that acted as the inspiration for this particular piece.

The designer of the coffee table confirms that the Adafruit project uses the I2C multiplexer and circuit from the Tiny Music Visualizer, as well as the code. In fact, the designer states that all they really did is make a large LED matrix and attach it to the coffee table.

Despite its original design, the coffee table is very easy to use and produces great effects when you consider how much it cost, which was a mere £9.00. True, the table may not be built to last a great deal of time, but it does show what can be created for a small amount of money, and how truly bespoke such pieces can be.

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Image: YouTube, available under Creative Commons.