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Which Blinds Are Best For Bathrooms?  

Blinds are one of the most popular window covering solutions for bathrooms, however choosing the right ones to fit in your space isn’t always easy. There are so many different styles, materials and types to choose from that finding one to suit can present a challenge. Here, we look at different problems you may encounter in your bathroom and how to choose the right blind to accommodate.

Misty and Humid Bathrooms

If your bathroom is especially humid or misty, the possibility of mould and mildew developing are much greater. In any room where your blinds are likely to become wet or be subjected to a lot of moisture regularly, you will need to choose a material that will not easily be damaged by the humid environment. PVC or vinyl roller blinds are a great choice for rooms of this type as they will not attract mould and will be extremely easy to clean and wipe down while giving the window a clean and tidy appearance. Alternatively, a waterproof vertical blind will offer optimal light control during the day while ensuring privacy when it is most required. Both vertical and roller bathroom blinds come in a host of fabric designs and colours, so you’ll easily find some to complement your room’s theming.

Aluminium And Wood For Humid Rooms

If you’d rather choose something a little more contemporary for your humid bathroom, an aluminium Venetian blind is a great choice. Made entirely from aluminium and featuring high quality plastic components to allow for lowering, raising and tilting the blind, these blinds will not rust despite the moisture in the air and can give your room either a modern or a classic look depending on which finish and colour you choose. A faux-wooden Venetian blind is another popular option which combines the charm of real wood with the practicality and functionality of PVC. With their authentic look, these blinds are available in a choice of authentic neutral wood colours which complement any colour scheme, and as they are resistant to UV rays they will never fade even when exposed to direct sunlight.

When Humidity Isn’t An Issue

If you have a large bathroom where your blinds will not be exposed to humidity or water, you can choose from an even greater selection of options. If you like the look of vertical or roller blinds you can select from the full range of fabrics and patterns, whereas if you would prefer a softer appearance, beautiful Roman blinds would be perfect thanks to their classical styling and soft folds which make your bathroom look sumptuous and opulent. Another possibility is a real wood Venetian blind, which will bring a natural touch to your space and which will offer even more privacy and sunlight control than other kinds of blind.


It’s easy to have fun choosing the perfect bathroom blinds for you as long as you bear in mind the likelihood of humidity and moisture damage before you make your final decision. With so many options to pick from, you have the freedom to create any look you desire to achieve the bathroom of your dreams.