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Beautiful Blinds To Suit Every Room

If you are considering using blinds to cover your windows, you will probably already by familiar with some of the more common types of kitchen and bathroom blinds found throughout the UK.  But, if you are looking to make a real statement with your window ware, blinds make an attractive alternative to curtains,  all round the home.

The humble roller blind may be just as practical and popular as every before, but let’s take a look at ways to big up your blinds and add interest to your windows.

Roman Blinds

Once a stalwart of student houses everywhere, the Roman blind with its simple construction, is a great value way to cover your windows.  Available in a huge range of fabrics and designs you can add contemporary styling with bright white basics, or go mad with a splash of colour to brighten up even the dullest of decor.  The soft folds of fabric which waterfall when pulled up, offer clean lines and a stylish was to keep drafts at bay.

Roman blinds can be made to your exact measurements, and using a fabric of your choice.


Roller Blinds

Roller blinds work well in all areas of the home, and can be made to fit any size window.  With the fabric wrapped neatly around the tube at the top of the window, roller blinds can be raised or lowered to the perfect height to suit your requirements.  Often available in wipe clean and water resistant options for kitchens and bathrooms, they can instantly add texture and interest, and complement your existing colour schemes. Add some bling with a choice of metallic chains, or go super simple and cordless if you prefer.

Venetian Blinds

The daring darlings of the blind world, Venetians are available in a wide range of colours, and come with different slat sizes to suit your requirements.  Usually made from metal slats, they tilt and adjust to control light and privacy.  Perfect for any area of the home, Venetian blinds can blend in with the background, or make a statement in bold or clashing colours.

Wooden Blinds

Add a touch of class with beautiful wooden blinds at your windows.  Wooden slatted blinds work in a similar way to Venetians, but are made from much stronger stuff! The slats tilt to control light and privacy, and these are perfect for rooms with low levels of humidity like bedrooms, living room, dining rooms and hallways.  Slats will be available in a variety of sizes and your wooden blind can be prefabricated to perfect fit the size and shape of your window.

Pleated Blinds

Sleek, discreet and decidedly modern in the their design, pleated blinds are perfect for those looking for something a little bit different.  Custom made to size, the blinds are made of concertina or honeycomb folds of fabric. Working well throughout the house, you can choose from blackout, wipe-clean or even sheer fabrics to add impact.  Pleated blinds use a cord system to open and close, and will be manufactured to fit the space available.

If you are looking for the perfect blinds for your home, here at Merlin Interiors we offer customers a full measuring and fitting service.  Whatever the size of your windows, the design of your blinds or the budget you have to work with, we can find the perfect solution for you. Call us today on 01271 375313 to find out more.