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Adding Character to Your Curtains: Curtain Trends for 2017

Adding Character to Your Curtains: Curtain Trends for 2017

Evidently, curtains are a vital part of ay home in many instances. Not only are they the ideal aid when it comes to privacy, but due to the selection on offer, they can serve a number of different purposes. However, it’s very easy to become conformed to what’s available on the high street, but knowing what trends are on the horizon can help inject a touch of originality throughout the home, without you having to plan a huge makeover.

Textures Will Be Popular

The first thing we should be aware of when looking at curtains, is that we don’t have to conform to what’s pre-made, as we can also look at made-to-measure curtains. This means that we are able to get a more bespoke solution in place. For example, textures will be a popular trend in 2017. Rather than focusing on bright and bold patterns, so will want to conform to a modern look that has a sleek finish, giving the home a more premium feel overall.

Elements and Minerology Are Rising in Popularity

Despite the mass of technology available, more and more people are taking it upon themselves to go and explore what the world has to offer. As such, the natural beauty of the world has gone onto become an influential trend to look out for in 2017. You can look towards designs that take their aesthetic influence from rock formations. Similarly, organic contours and tonal washes add a sense of calm to your dwellings.

Patterns Will Be Prominent

Just as there will be those who are looking for a more laidback aesthetic to the home, others will want to make a bolder statement. Those who fall into the latter will be pleased to hear that geometrics is a trend that will be hot in 2017. While the use of geometrics is nothing new to the world of interior design, the way it will be applied is. Rather than large patterns, the design will be shrunken and repeat, which will work best with a high-contrast colour combination.

Retro-Nostalgia Will Reinvent Ideas

We all remember a certain style of yesteryear, but in some instances, the design is best left where it is. Following on from the popularity of patterns in 2017, an infusion of retro-nostalgia will offer even more choice when it comes to injecting ambience and originality into your home. Although the designs on offer take their influence from eras gone by, there are instilled in a modern way that offers a vibrant and effective aesthetic for the home.

Different people like different things in relation to interior design, but there’s no denying that the trends looking to shine in 2017 offer a number of different design ideas that can be instilled simply by opting for made-to-measure curtains.