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Interior Designer Nicole Edmeads

I always had a passion for interiors from a young age. Creating a home was always something I took too naturally and had great pride in.
I thoroughly enjoy all genres of design from the clean lines of minimalistic to the quirky chaos of eclectic. So many colours can work beautifully together as well as mixing different periods of design, this has been happening over the years and allows us to create unique rooms, tailored to different people’s ideas of beauty.
My hobby for interior design soon progressed to a passion for the mechanics behind creating a useable space that is primarily practical yet does not lack in style along with working to a client’s specification and personal tastes means I can express my love of all types of design along with solving everyday problems that can make home life harder or more time-consuming.
Thanks to my 5 years’ experience with Merlin Interiors starting off at the bottom and working my way up to management I was able to complete my Diploma In Interior Design which has given me the ability to offer this service to all of Merlin Interiors customers and to continue to do so in the future.

Nicole Edmeads – Interior Designer